In the Hotseat Ep 10 The Widening Gap betw. Digital & Analog Buyers

February 28, 2023

In episode 10 of In The Hot Seat, we discuss the widening gap between digital buyers and analog sellers. Join co-hosts Michael Fauscette and Stephen LeMay as they put Jon Flynn, Data &#AI Nerd at Microsoft, In the Hot Seat!

Selling to enterprise businesses has never been “easy”, and the changes in buyer behavior along with the challenges of virtual and hybrid selling have only made selling more difficult. The behavior of the buyer half of a B2B transaction has changed in ways that make traditional selling processes more difficult. Where buyers look for information, what and who they trust and how they want to interact with a provider have all shifted over the past ten years. Today, for a lot of companies and sales teams, there’s a gap between what they think the buyer wants and does, and how the buyer actually behaves. This gap creates bad or incorrect behaviors for the sellers, and creates friction and poor experiences for buyers.

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This show hosted by a number of the prominent members of the CRM Playaz HappyHour community, is a unique experiment in hosting with an accomplished group of practitioners and thought leaders leading the effort. Every two weeks we will be engaging with industry experts and/or customers for a lively discussion and debate to humanize the digital experience. Each show will focus on a specific milestone in the customer's journey as we discuss and debate the challenges, opportunities, and solutions.