In The Hot Seat Ep. 40 - IOT, Remote Monitoring and the Healthcare Experience

May 15, 2024

Join Thomas Wieberneit and Micheal Fauscette on Monday, 5/13/24 at 1 pm ET for our next #ITHS episode in the #HealthcareExperience series where Drew Schiller, Co-Founder and CEO at Validic, will be in the Hot Seat to explore all topics Healthcare Data. We will explore topics that include remote patient monitoring, healthcare data interoperability and how technology can be used in the data ecosystem to improve the end-to-end healthcare experience.  Join us as we dissect the evolving landscape of #HealthcareData and the many ways it impacts experience!

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This show hosted by a number of the prominent members of the CRM Playaz HappyHour community, is a unique experiment in hosting with an accomplished group of practitioners and thought leaders leading the effort. Every two weeks we will be engaging with industry experts and/or customers for a lively discussion and debate to humanize the digital experience. Each show will focus on a specific milestone in the customer's journey as we discuss and debate the challenges, opportunities, and solutions.