EWPK Ep 11 Paul & Kenny w/guests Three Mikes on the art & science of photography

April 2, 2024

Interestingly, in the business tech world we know three great photographers who, if they weren't stars in the business tech world are so amazing at photography they could be world class pros. Kenny & Paul speak with Michael Krigsman, Michael Fauscette, and Michael Thomas on the art and science of photography - the skills, the eye, the technology, the science, the practices.  Want to hear about from the best. Listen and see what they do.  Watch and learn and shoot the shot. #photography

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"A unique experiment (at least we think it is) Engaged w/Paul Greenberg & Kenny Lauer is a chill in the evening with a glass of wine show. The format is an influencer’s late-night talk show with 3 20-minute segments with the show running between 60-90 (or more) minutes overall. This is business AND culture. Food, music, art, sports, politics – yes, we will have guests to cover them all! AND we have a house band, Jane Blonde and the Goldfingers and guest appearances by others who will be playing for you. Yes, you.