EWPK Ep 4 w/ CRM Leader, Renaissance Man Jeff Nicholson & Distinguished Famine Fighter Dr Nick Haan

March 2, 2023

This month on EWPK we have two amazing human beings as our guests - Musical guest and business guest and Renaissance man Jeff Nicholson, who shows us that he's WAY more diverse in what he knows and does than we are - you'll see but lets just say ONE of MANY talents he has is hinted at (well more than hinted) right here  i.e. Musical guest and Business guest.. Get the hint? But there is SO much more.  Other other guest is the eminent Dr. Nicholas Haan who is perhaps one of the most important people in the world. He and four others decide on the food crisis "status" of countries - and in fact he is the man who wrote the standard for determining that many years ago. AND he sea kayaks.  From Somalia, converse with Nick Haan.  Plus as always, Kenny and I have some fun with Bing AI Search aka the softer smarter ChatGPT and drink whiskey. Watch, learn and enjoy!!

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"A unique experiment (at least we think it is) Engaged w/Paul Greenberg & Kenny Lauer is a chill in the evening with a glass of wine show. The format is an influencer’s late-night talk show with 3 20-minute segments with the show running between 60-90 (or more) minutes overall. This is business AND culture. Food, music, art, sports, politics – yes, we will have guests to cover them all! AND we have a house band, Jane Blonde and the Goldfingers and guest appearances by others who will be playing for you. Yes, you.