Talking Headless Episode 5

February 15, 2023

Talking Headless, brought to you by Playaz Productions Network (PPN), is hosted by CRM "Godfather" (the industry's name for him not his. His is "CRM Grandfather" because he's OLD) Paul Greenberg.

Episode 5

What's Goin' On? -ChatGPT is just taking the world by artificial storm. But the question is hype and no substance, substance not hyped or we'll see? Let's see.

Takin' It To The Wire - A profile of CRM Watchlist 2022 Winner Anaplan, the 2022 surprise winner and newcomer  and what they have to do to continue their impact for the next 3 years.

The People's Playbook - For more than 20 years, TWENTY YEARS, the most pressing  questions when it comes to CRM are adoption and how to make it more effective than it often has been. And in fact what is it. I'm covering the first two not the what is in this. Want to be more effective, be easy, convenient and pretty.  Yeah. All of them.


Intro and Outro - Rollin' by wonderful musical artist and animal welfare champion Maria Daines.  (You can hear her amazing songs and contribute to help support animal welfare here)

What's Goin' On? - Magnetic Funk by Lynne Music

Takin' It to the Wire - To the Wire by Jzac

The People's Playbook - I've Been Thinkin' by Dimitrix


This has been a Playaz Productions Network Digital Broadcast by Anand Thaker

A PPN Digital Broadcast

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Talking Headless, brought to you by PPN, is hosted by CRM "Godfather" (the industry's name for him not his). Paul Greenberg. Talking Headless is aimed at the business technology world. Paul - and guests at times - will cover not only news and tell stories w/universal lessons but will let you know what he thinks of companies, industries & people - and why, provide you w/how-to playbooks and finally thumbs up or down on trends in the industry. Plus, there is a lot of very cool music.