Talking Headless: Ep 8: Salesforce: Ready for the Future...Or Not?

September 28, 2023

Salesforce has been the 800 lb gorilla (1200 lb more so) in the Business Tech world for a long time. They got hit earlier this year and now that the AI EVOLUTION (note I did not call it a Revolution) is fully underway, the question arises: Are they ready for the future...which is pretty much the present. I (Paul Greenberg, for those of you who can't see beyond the headless body) will let you know...agree with him or not. And of course, I'll let you know something I really...Like and something I really...Dislike. #Salesforce#GenAI#Culture#EnterpriseTech#trust

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Talking Headless, brought to you by PPN, is hosted by CRM "Godfather" (the industry's name for him not his). Paul Greenberg. Talking Headless is aimed at the business technology world. Paul - and guests at times - will cover not only news and tell stories w/universal lessons but will let you know what he thinks of companies, industries & people - and why, provide you w/how-to playbooks and finally thumbs up or down on trends in the industry. Plus, there is a lot of very cool music.