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CRM Watchlist 2024 Registration Open

CRM Watchlist 2024 Registration Open

CRM Watchlist 2024: The Grand Finale

The CRM Watchlist 2024 is open for registration. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is an industry recognized award that goes to the companies that show the impact they had in the year prior AND can prove that they can sustain that impact for a subsequent period of roughly three years. Just being able to prove one of the two requirements doesn't get you anything.

To enter the award competition - though you aren't competing against anyone but yourself - there are multiple winners - requires that you provide in some way customer-facing products and services to the market at large. That means it can be CRM, CX or customer engagement products (or services), more specific customer facing analytics products, or AI products that overlap, even supply chain products that will one way or the other impact a customer's experience. But make no mistake about it, no matter how great your products/services may be, this is a company impact award and if you aren't doing all the things that a company has to do for sustainable impact, you will not win.

This is the 20th and final year so there are going to be a significant number of special awards given out besides the CRM Watchlist 2024 award itself to those who qualify. All of this will culminate toward the end of February or early March 2024 with a PPN CRM Watchlist 2024 Awards show where you and your company will be highlighted if you have managed to snag one of these coveted prizes.

Over the years, as many as 150-160 companies per year have participated; though with a tightening of the rules about 7 years ago, that number is now more like 60-70 per year. The award is highly recognized and dare we say, even coveted and there are many press releases announcing the winning of the award.  The last CRM Watchlist, the highest scoring company was Zoho. Other winners included Salesforce, Oracle, Anaplan, Creatio, Thunderhead, PROS and a few others.

To register send an email to paul-greenberg3@the56tgroup.com or paul@playazproductions.network. Upon your return of the registration form, you will receive the questionnaire you will need to completely fill out and submit to see if you won.

Stay tuned for more news as the special categories for the award are finalized.