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Last Tech Company Standing 2024 Delayed to 2024

Last Tech Company Standing 2024 Delayed to 2024

LTCS 2023...morphs to LTCS 2024

PPN's Last Tech Company Standing (LTCS) has been moved to 2024.  Why? Because, well, there isn't enough immediate interest and there hasn't been enough time to foster aka drum up that interest given how much time it takes to actually run a digital broadcasting network.  

That said, there WAS enough interest to merit having the competition - only next year - and with eight participants. And as unfunny as the world may seem now, this competition, with the eight tech companies standup besties going head to head is likely to be hilarious. But we will have to wait until 2024 to find out if what we are saying is actually true, now won't we?

All that said, any tech company interested in becoming a participant can register now by sending an email requesting either the registration form or the rules of engagement to LTCS@playazproductions.network. We are awaiting your missive.