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The Funniest Tech? 


Last Tech Company Standing (LTCS)

Stand up comedy - but in this case, its intentional!!


If you are a tech company, pit your best comedian(s) against the best comedians of your competition and see which company remains upright after head to head standup battles.

Elite Eight

Eight tech companies will go head to head in 3 rounds - Elite Eight, Final Four and the Championship Two from July to October 2023. Winner gets...something other than just super cool status as a cultural and humor icon. We'll see what that is. Stay tuned.

The Basic Plan

Each round will be an elimination round. In the Elite Eight, each company's comedic genius will do three minutes of standup. In the Final Four, its five minutes of standup. In the Championship Two, its ten minutes of standup. There will be a judge's panel and a popular (digital) audience.

So Much Fun!

In this, you can use a different person each round if you want or the same one for all three rounds. Whatever you want to do. And this will be immortal. Obviously. Let's see if your company - and you - have the comic chops it takes.

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LTCS is This Year's Hottest (and Coolest) Competition.

On the heels of the wildly successful CRM Playaz Bring Your Own Band (BYOB) 2020, a ten tech company band battle won by the Pegasystems Layer Cakes, we decided to bring you a different kind of entertainment but one equally as engaging. That would be Last Tech Company Standing (LTCS) - a standup comedy eight company head to head battle.

The idea was simple.  Tech companies proclaim the wondrous nature of their cultures. Part of that culture almost always includes humor - that form of entertainment that creates humility and increases the size of your heart.  But comedy as the form of humor ain't easy.

So the idea is let's see which tech companies have the chops to go head to head, in front of a panel of judges and a virtual audience.  Eight companies would start this and only one would remain upright at the end.  No promises but if it works out (and it might...or might not) the Final Four and Championship Two might even be in front of a live aka IRL audience. If not, a digital audience will be voting on who they love round by round.

Do you have the the writers and comics to pull this off?  Are you a brave company, willing to throw up your best against the best of other companies?  
Let's see if you do.

Sign up on the left and we'll send you the Rules of Engagement. You send us the name of the comics and contact info and we'll be off to the club.

Last Tech Company Standing Brackets

LTCS bracket

LTCS calendar

Dates may change





Now to July 31


Elite Eight

Sept. 15, 2023


Final Four

October 1, 2023


Championship Two

October 15, 2023


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