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The CRM Watchlist 2024 is going to be special. It's the 20th and last one and we will have a significant number of additional awards and surprises, but it will be a total BEAR to try and win.  I will make it even more difficult than this year – though I'm truly not sure how to do that.  However, while there is still a lot to be done in the shape of the final awards, it is now time to open registration.  So, there will be another blog post sometime soon here or elsewhere about what the CRM Watchlist 2023 will look like and be like but rest assured, the core is the same.

Okay, without further ado, as of this very minute...

Registration for the CRM Watchlist 2024 is officially open!

If you are interested in taking a crack at this 20-year-old award – send me an email requesting a registration form.  I will send it to you as soon as I see the email and then once you have returned it, I will send you the questionnaire for the submission as soon as I have tweaked it and completed it. Which will be soon. You have fourteen (14) days - NOT business days. This includes weekends - to get it back to me or you will not qualify for the Watchlist this year which means forever since this is the final Watchlist.

Since this upcoming one is the very last one so, if I'm you, I'm registering to take a crack at it. Even if most companies don't win the award, they more often than not appreciate the exercise that you go through to put together the submission because it, when completed, gives you a holistic look at your company that you otherwise do not have.  It's worth it for the workout.

I'll leave you with that.

Congratulations to the CRM Watchlist 2022 winners!! You all not only deserved it given what I tried to do, but I will genuflect to you because I think what you are doing is amazing and no matter how hard I tried to get you to lose, you still won. Thank you for honoring me with your effort.  I truly do appreciate all 59 submissions because I know what kind of work they take.

See you with the CRM Watchlist 2024!

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